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Professional Brush Spraying


Willey Flying Service offers the best brush spraying available. To many ranchers, all aerial applicators offer more or less the same thing. That is simply not the case. Willey Flying Service uses leading edge GPS and mapping technology that few competitors offer. Call 325-234-6010.

Why Choose Willey?

The benefit is precision brush control that gives you the results you’re looking for. Careful pre-planning using infrared aerial maps and automated GPS system gives you a more targeted application. If you’re managing for wildlife as well as cattle, we can set up a ‘brush sculpting’ plan that automatically creates mottes and senderos, and excludes wildlife trees/shrubs from the spray plan.

We offer cost effective precision brush control throughout West Texas and the Hill Country for the following:


Prickly Pear

Salt Cedar

Pasture Weeds





Sand Shinnery Oak

Sand Sage

Catclaw Acacia

Catclaw Mimosa


Willey uses NEW ‘smart spray’ technology that automatically shuts off when the airplane is not over mesquite. This means you only pay for herbicide where it’s doing you some good. There’s no point is wasting money spraying other vegetation types that don’t need to be sprayed. And it’s also the most wildlife friendly way to control mesquite.

Prickly Pear

Willey is the only aerial applicator in Texas that maps out prickly pear in advance so you don’t waste money where there’s no pear. It’s a more cost effective and precise option than expensive helicopters.

Custom aerial photos for identifying vegetation types to spray or not spray

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